GovCycle is a budget solution that streamlines federal budget processes and provides robust analytical capabilities, helping federal government clients save thousands of hours of manual effort annually and leverage their budget data to drive better decision-making.

GovCycle Overview GovCycle Case Study

“[GovCycle] allows staff to autonomously perform many functions that previously required advanced technical support. The system reduced the need for advanced technical support by 75%.

- Federal Client
  • $5.6 Billion in Federal Budget
  • 190+ Users Across the Federal Government
  • Featured Solution At the Budget Line of Business 2017 and 2021 Spring Forums

Key Features

Budget Formulation

Create, Manage, and Analyze Budget Requests

Apply drivers (including inflation, pay raises, and retirement) and adjustments to a baseline budget to automatically generate new budget requests. Tune parameters and analyze multiple different scenarios with the click of a button.

Collect Formulation Data

Automatically create, route, track, and consolidate agency-wide data calls to collect budget justification narrative and performance, workload, and strategic goal data to generate budget request exhibits.

Create a Budget Book

Create your agency’s Congressional Budget Justification, including consolidating budget request narrative and exhibits prepared within GovCycle, importing content from outside of GovCycle, and collaboratively editing the document in real time with version control.

Budget Execution

Collect Operating Plan Data

Automatically create, route, track, and consolidate agency-wide data calls to collect operating plan requests from offices that conform to budget ceiling validations defined by your budget office as well as your agency’s anticipated appropriation(s).

Analyze Operating Plans

Generate reports to analyze, compare, and drill down into historical and current-year operating plan data collected from divisions and offices.

Distribute Funds

Allocate funds to offices according to an approved operating plan, calculate the partial allocation of funds under a continuing resolution (CR), and create, manage, and analyze multiple hypothetical “what-if” scenarios of potential budget allocations.

Transfer Funds

Create, route, track, and approve requests to transfer funds between offices based on up-to-date available funds amounts retrieved from your agency's financial system.

Monitor Reprogramming Thresholds

Monitor the status of program budgets against agency-specific reprogramming limits, including real-time reporting on reprogramming limit status, and creating, managing, and analyzing multiple “what-if” scenarios of pending funds transfers.

Financial Reporting

Statement of Net Cost

Apply program cost allocation logic and generate reports for any data set within GovCycle or your agency’s financial system, such as a Statement of Net Cost.

DATA Act Reporting

Conduct end-to-end DATA Act reporting activities, including the generation of File B and File C, through standardized, integrated processes.

Other Features

  • Data Validations

    Ensure data accuracy and consistency with configurable and automatic data validations.

  • Automatic Workflow Routing and Approval

    Automate routing and track the completion of budget and planning requests and related communications with powerful, configurable workflows.

  • Integration with Federal Financial Systems

    Supports interfacing of data and transactions with leading federal financial systems, including Oracle Federal Financials, CGI Momentum, and other legacy applications.

  • Robust Security and Administration

    Secure your data with multi-dimensional security and permissions, including single sign-in and centralized administration of users and permissions.

  • Reporting and Visualizations

    Integrate with your preferred reporting solution to build reports and visualizations using your budget data. Leverage an existing Reports Library or build your own ad hoc reports.

  • Flexible and Configurable

    Leverage out-of-the-box functionality for common budget processes and easily configure new, client-specific functionality in a matter of hours, not days.

  • History and Audit Trail

    Improve transparency and traceability with a detailed edit history that captures detailed information on all changes made to values within GovCycle.

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly

    Make budgeting a breeze and reduce the time for users to get up to speed with a modern and responsive user interface built specifically for federal budget needs.

To learn more about how GovCycle can save your federal agency
from thousands of hours of manual budget processes, contact us today.

How to get GovCycle

  • STEP 1

    Acquire License

    Acquire our solution through GSA MAS (formerly IT Schedule 70) Contract GS-35F-0134W, or through a directed award

  • STEP 2

    Determine Deployment Strategy

    GovCycle can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, depending on your needs

  • STEP 3

    Configure for Your Needs

    Ascella's Federal Budget Experts will work with you to configure GovCycle to your specific budget process