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DATA Act and Compliance Services

DATA Act and Compliance Services
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As a leading provider of data transparency, reporting, and compliance solutions, we help clients to meet the mandates of the DATA Act by developing solutions that enable them to engage in efficient data analysis and reporting.

Ascella's team of experts have helped many federal agencies prepare for audits by developing an actionable plan that addresses all aspects of their compliance journey—from the identification of key requirements to the development of an ongoing strategy for improvement.

What we do

 Readiness Assessment

We work with clients to identify what data needs to be reported, as well as how much time will be required from each employee to meet those requirements.

 Compliance Planning

Based on our understanding of clients current capabilities and resources, we'll create an implementation plan that meets all of the reporting obligations while minimizing any disruptive impact on operations or employee morale.


We work directly with team members so they can implement the necessary changes in their daily workflows. This includes training employees on how to meet the requirements of the DATA Act and making sure they're comfortable using new tools.