Financial Management

Financial Management System Implementation & Operations Support

Financial Management System Implementation & Operations Support
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Ascella's extensive system implementation experience includes commercial off-the-shelf products to fully-customized solutions.

Our team has been involved in all aspects of the system development lifecycle including project planning, determining project scope, evaluating alternative software solutions, defining business requirements, testing software logic, and supporting user training.

We help our clients implement new systems and integrate them into their existing environments. Ascella's business analysts work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and develop detailed specifications for new projects or enhancements to existing systems. 

What we do

 Assessment and Requirements Gathering

Ascella works with key stakeholders to fully understand their current processes, business rules, and reporting requirements. We will also assess their financial management system's functionality against any internal standards or regulatory requirements.


After collecting requirements, we analyze the current state of our clients organization's financial management system to determine what changes need to be made to meet these goals.

 Implementation and Deployment

Once we've defined the scope of the project and determined which software solution will be most appropriate for our client’s business needs, we'll develop a customized implementation plan that includes all necessary resources including project management expertise, system configuration expertise, test teams, software development resources, training resources, etc.

 Support and Training

We provide ongoing support throughout the project lifecycle including end user training as well as post-implementation support after deployment.