Financial Management

Financial Management, Accounting, and Auditing Support

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 At Ascella, we have helped our clients turn financial management, accounting, and auditing into a strategic advantage.

Our teams of expert accountants, CPAs, system developers and business process optimization experts have successfully implemented solutions for clients that have delivered improved results with significant cost savings.

What we do

 Analysis and Reconciliation

We perform financial analyses to help clients get a clear picture of where their company stands financially. This can include analysis of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, P&L by product or service line and other custom reports.

 Audit Support

We provide audit support services for clients engaged in various stages of internal and external audits. We offer a wide range of services including evaluating client risk profile(s); determining appropriate testing procedures based on risk assessments; designing tests based on risk assessments.

 Property Plant & Equipment (PP&E)

We offer asset management services for PP&E assets, including cost allocation analysis and revaluation reports.

 Remediation, Disgorgement, & Process Optimization

We provide support in investigations into potential misconduct by performing forensic accounting analysis of financial statements to identify potential noncompliant behavior. Once identified, we can also assist in remediation efforts by implementing solutions that will address the issues and improve operations overall.