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Software Engineering

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Ascella experts transform unique enterprise applications and products into solutions for federal agencies of all sizes.

We apply our team of expert engineers and analysts with outstanding credentials and broad technical expertise across the full software development lifecycle from requirements gathering and design, through development, deployment and ongoing operations to deliver on business requirements.

What we do

 Software Design

We work with key stakeholders to define the scope of the project, identify user requirements and business goals, determine software requirements, and define a technology roadmap that aligns with their needs

 Software Development

Once we have agreed on the best way forward, we start to work on the actual code. This includes any back-end logic or data structures needed to support the application's functionality. We use agile methodologies so that clients can see an early version of the software as soon as possible. This means they can make changes if necessary, which leads to a better product in the end.


During this stage, we'll test our code against each requirement and ensure that everything is working as intended. We'll also test security vulnerabilities in order to prevent any potential issues down the road.

 Implementation and Maintenance

After testing is completed and approved, we launch the new product or features into production environments. We continue providing support after launch by monitoring its performance metrics and making any necessary changes if issues arise.